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As the original Whitby Jet shop, we at W Hamond welcome gemstones from all over the world to compliment our stunning jewellery collections – the DNA of our prestigious, award-winning excellence. As one of the most popular trend colours within the world of fashion and jewellery innovations, the  ancient Turquoise gemstone has been esteemed for thousands of years as a stone which holds spiritual powers. Incorporated into our supremely elegant designs, the Turquoise stone is embraced within this special collection, symbolising a strength in beauty, confidence and sophistication. The W Hamond Turquoise collection graces our very finest offerings with a timeless look and an adaptable versatility which allows for its oceanic greenish-blue tones to emanate a sense of clarity and purity throughout our core pieces. The expert stone cutters within our W Hamond workshops apply significant emphasis on demonstrating the finest aspects of the Turquoise collection to our worldwide audiences. Our W Hamond Turquoise rings, Turquoise Pendants and Turquoise earrings evoke an ageless appeal, yet one which references traditional styles with art deco influences and Marcasite embellishments. Rare interpretations of the palpable gemstone have also been incorporated with natural elements to create unique pieces such as the rustic bird skull necklace which styles a combination of Pyrite, Whitby jet and Turquoise – a perfect illustration of the dynamic concepts nurtured as a result of our unrivalled bespoke service at W Hamond.


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