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Whitby Regatta Jewellery

Our W Hamond Regatta Jewellery collection crafted from authentic Whitby Jet Stone and original Polish Baltic Amber, invents a connective bond between local heritage and natural beauty for all to enjoy. Featuring bespoke Whitby Jet necklaces, Whitby Jet rings, Whitby Jet pendants, Whitby Jet bracelets and Whitby Jet earrings, the Regatta collection epitomizes quintessential jewellery manufacturing via an assortment of exquisite designs produced from traditional methods of craftsmanship. The Whitby Jet Stone is a beautiful soft opaque, semi-precious gemstone composed of carbonised wood which blends perfectly with the warming tones of our abstract Amber pieces. Found along the shores of the seaside village within a 10 mile radius the Whitby Jet is cleaned, polished and transformed into breathtaking pieces of local British heritage. The Regatta collection consists of elegantly carved Whitby Jet shell designs and limited edition pieces from the nautical-inspired Whitby Jet Regatta Yacht pendants, Regatta inspired crossed oars and anchor charms and Whitby Jet Regatta Yacht earrings. Whitby Jet Stone has an intense blackness which is lavishly smooth and lightweight, forming a mirror-like sheen which interacts magnificently against the skin.

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