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Sinn Watches

Sinn Watches

Sinn Watches, founded in 1961, have long been a big name in horology. Originally focussing on aviation, the company produced navigation clocks for the cockpits of planes, and this history is present in even modern day timepieces from the brand.

With popular models, including the Sinn Instrument and the Rally Chronograph, Sinn watches are stylish, contemporary, but also innovative in their manufacturing and movements. The watches collected by many for their accuracy in extremely adverse conditions such as high speed, high altitude, extreme cold and magnetic interference.

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About Sinn Watches

About Sinn Watches

Shop a fantastic selection of Sinn watches from one of the finest luxury German watch brands in the world. The company was first founded by World War II pilot Helmutt Sinn who had a deep passion for both aviation and watchmaking. The brand started off by manufacturing navigation clocks and pilot watches before inventing some of the greatest watch innovations in the industry including Sinn TEGIMENT steel and temperature resistant technology.
The Sinn 556 watch collection is a fine example of the brand’s courage for innovation while the Sinn U1 watches are exceptional diving instruments with boldly sized bezels. You can find all the latest Sinn watches for men and women on our website including limited edition Sinn watches, Sinn Diving watches, Sinn Chronograph watches, Sinn GMT watches, Sinn Pilot watches and Sinn Tegiment watches.

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