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High quality materials and beautiful designs are the hallmarks of Skagen Watches. It was in the seaside village of Skagen in Denmark where the North and Baltic Sea meet that the brand was first founded in 1989, and ever since it has been known as one of the best trendsetting fashion watch companies around.

Skagen Watches like to keep it sweet and simple with a clean aesthetic, thin cases and contemporary dial designs. As a fashion watch brand, they believe that watches should remain timeless through all the ever-changing trends that pass and their Danish heritage has inspired many of their eternal collections like the Skagen Mens Ancher range and the Skagen Ladies Anita range.

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Skagen watches fuse natural elements of simplicity with clean cut lines of contemporary design to create the perfect vision of elegance. Originating from the village of Skagen itself, the brand draws inspiration from an all-round appreciation of seaside elements and their love of the great outdoors. Capturing the true essence of rural beauty, Skagen watches acquire a natural affinity with the wrist since their designs nurture all that is important to the brand’s ethos. Mirroring their familiar heritage where the North and the Baltic Sea meet with an association to natural simplicities, Skagen watches embody fundamental Danish designs to detail functional statements of true purpose. Steering away from complexities, the collection is organic and remains unaffected by over elaborate designs, allowing the wearer the ability to connect with the simple pleasures in life.

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