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About Turquoise

Perhaps one of the oldest gemstones, Turquoise is recognised worldwide for its intense sky blue colour that can vary from light to dark or even green with some featuring narrow brown, green or yellow veins (known as the matrix) that add a distinctive character to the piece. Each is different to the next, ensuring that the Turquoise gemstone is striking and unique with no two looking the same. It is the vivid robin’s egg blue colour that is considered the most highly prized of all. The matrix can devalue or increase desirability depending on the pattern created and its appeal.


Where Does Turquoise Originate?

Meaning ‘Turkish stone,’ which derives from the French expression ‘pierre tourques,’ Turquoise passed through Turkey on its route to Europe from Persia (now known as Iran). Thriving in dry, barren regions the gem is sourced from Iran, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, China, Irasel, Mexico, Tanzania and the USA. It’s in these locations where acidic, copper-rich groundwater seeps downward reacting with minerals made up of phosphorus and aluminium. Iron-rich limonite or sandstone are their favourite host rocks.

Precision set in gold or silver, Turquoise is a popular stone worn around the neck, wrist and fingers. With a long, rich legacy, many Egyptian Pharaohs and early Native Americans would wear the striking gemstone as part of their dress and was heavily used in burials. By 2000BC, the turquoise deposits in Sinai, Egypt was considerably depleted due to the extent of their admiration for the gemstone, which they called “Merkat” translating to joy and delight.

Turquoise and Symbolism

Symbolising protection, Turquoise was believed to prevent falls, particularly from horses. In fact, the Turks would attach talismans of turquoise to their horses in the 14th Century to make them surer footed. The belief then developed to high buildings or cliffs also. The beautiful gemstone has also been associated with healing powers, wealth and bringing good luck, which many believe to this day. 



W Hamonds Turquoise Jewellery

Remaining a favourite of today, the December birthstone is fashioned into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings. At W Hamonds, we offer a beautiful and unique range of turquoise jewellery of the highest standard. Sourced from the famous Kingman mine, in North Westen Arizona, we hand select the finest, natural piece of turquoise. Each is cut and polished to perfection for an exquisite finish every time, delivering only the best to our customers. Its soft nature makes it easy to work with as it is made up of many microscopic crystals that are compressed closely together, providing a finer texture, which when polished brings a beautiful lustre. Many celebrate their 11th anniversary with the vibrant gemstone, as turquoise is seen as the traditional gift to mark the occasion.