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Diamond Care

‘Diamonds are forever’ is a well-known phrase all around the world and one that W Hamond lives by. All of our diamond jewellery, diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings are designed and created in our very own workshops where their timeless appeal and lifelong durability is made to be treasured for generations.

To ensure your diamond jewellery remains as sparkly and as breathtaking as the day you first bought it, we have created a simple diamond care guide for you to follow. Our useful tips will give you advice on how to keep your jewellery clean, protected and away from harm.


Diamonds are regarded as being the hardest known material on earth with a hardness 58 times greater than anything else in nature. However, any stone, including a diamond, will break if its hit hard enough in the right place. Because of this, we highly recommend keeping your diamond jewellery stored in a safe place when you are not wearing them or when you are carrying out certain chores of activities.

Some of the main causes of damage to diamond jewellery comes from harsh cleaning products and physical or manual activities. With this in mind, whenever you are cooking, cleaning, exercising or travelling, we always recommend storing your jewellery away to minimise the risk of damage. It is always a good idea to have some form of jewellery storage handy for this reason. You can find jewellery boxes and jewellery wraps available to purchase on our website.


One of the most common ways that diamond jewellery becomes tainted and loses its sparkle is when it is exposed to abrasive chemicals. All forms of jewellery including sterling silver, gold, diamond and gemstone jewellery should always be kept away from products like hairspray, perfume and other cosmetic products to reduce the risk of tainting its brilliance.

Jewellery should also always be removed when you are bathing, showering or swimming. The settings used on diamond rings is designed to show off the glistening stone and give it access to light. However, the access designed for light can easily become clogged up by soaps, creams, moisturisers and water which consequently reduces the intensity of a diamond’s sparkle and can even impact the tension within the setting making it prone to damage.


No matter how little or often you wear your jewellery, at some point it is going to be necessary to get it cleaned. At W Hamond, we offer a fantastic jewellery cleaning and repairs service where we use specialist jewellery cleaning and polishing equipment to transform your jewellery back to as if it was new. You can also find a selection of fine jewellery cleaning products to purchase on our website including jewellery cleaning cloths, jewellery polishing cloths and diamond dazzle sticks.

If you would like to make use of our professional jewellery cleaning service, simply pop into one of our stores or send your item to the address below with a covering letting explaining your requirements. You can feel safe in the knowledge that all our jewellery cleaning is carried out by ourselves in our very own workshops, so you do not have to worry about your treasured items getting lost.

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If you have any questions or queries regarding our jewellery cleaning services, please contact one of our stores or speak to our dedicated team of diamond jewellery specialists online or over the phone for advice on diamond care and our collections of diamond jewellery. Contact us today on 01947 603330 or by emailing us at info@whamond.com.