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Wedding Gifts

W Hamond offer a fantastic selection of Wedding gifts, a hand picked assortment of beautiful bespoke jewellery pieces to effortlessly capture the most memorable moments of a lifetime between you and your loved one. Infused with elements of our proud British heritage, our locally sourced Whitby Jet stone has been crafted into our delicate Wedding Wear jewellery designs to evoke statements of pure sophistication.  Formed from the fossilised monkey puzzle tree, Whitby Jet Stone is a precious stone native to the British Isles. The beautifully soft opaque gemstone, composed of carbonised wood emanates an intense blackness which keeps perfectly in line with our traditionally crafted earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and cufflinks. Created inside our long-established workshops, our C W Sellors team of expertly trained stone technicians implement many of the same techniques used to create Whitby Jet jewellery used as far back in time as the Roman craftsman, however integration of high precision laser cutting and computer-aided design allows for W Hamond’s prestigious and award winning Whitby Jet innovations to grow with the development of our engineering skills. The Wedding Wear collection begins with simplistic designs such as our Whitby Jet and Pink Pear Split Heart earrings and finishes with more intricate designs seen in our Whitby Jet and Platinum Diamonds Chain for a truly elegant finish which is simply laced with luxurious splendour. For a combined style, our ladies Whitby Jet Silver and Pointed Pear Necklace matches the gentleman’s Jet and Silver Oval Cufflinks to perfection,  symbolising unity, commitment and an ever-strengthening togetherness. 


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