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Unique Jewellery

The W Hamond Unique jewellery collection consists of a beautiful ensemble of our rarest and most imaginative designs. With one-off creations that use combinations of our finest Whitby Jet Stone and Baltic Amber, our W Hamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants offer innovation through distinct statement pieces. Within our W Hamond Unique Pieces collection, elements of traditional craftsmanship are brought to life and expressed through a number of exquisite sterling silver jewellery creations. As a prized gemstone of its Victorian heyday, Whitby Jet was cut, polished and created into jewellery in 200 manufacturing shops in the town of Whitby during the 1870’s, but by the year of 1900 many of the 1,500 highly skilled Whitby Jet Stone cutters and jewellery crafters had downed tools to work in other industries. Today our W Hamond shop showcases the beautifully magnetising properties of Whitby Jet Stone through modern designs, embedded in elegant sterling silver creations. The Whitby Jet Stone is a beautiful soft opaque, semi-precious gemstone composed of carbonised wood which is produced from fossilised remains of trees that have rested under layers of sediments for millions of years under the sea. Once cut and polished the Whitby Jet Stone is transformed into a wonderful and instantly recognisable piece of beauty. Our Unique Pieces Collection boasts a large knotted brooch made from a 76mm by 66mm piece of Whitby Jet Stone, complete with original metal pin. The warming golden-yellow tones, fiery oranges and rusty reds of the Amber Stone also radiate through our rare creations. Our Amber bracelets, Amber earrings, Amber pendants and Amber ornaments all boast a sensational blend of cutting-edge creativity, fused with a keen eye for detail. Our individually carved Whitby Abbey pendants, sculpted from abstract pieces of organic Amber Stone are an eye-catching representation of our unparalleled talents at W Hamond.


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