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BRM Watches

B.R.M Watches

B.R.M watches are brought to life in a small atelier near Paris where Bernard Richards and his team assemble some of the most complex looking timepieces in the industry. BRM watches are fairly new to the world of horology having only released their first timepiece in 2003, but their completely unmissable designs and unique French manufacture have proven they belong beside many of the other big watch names.

Some of their latest releases including the B.R.M Art Car watch collection and the B.R.M V6 series truly reflect the brands relationship with motor racing, a sport they are truly passionate about and continue to support.

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About BRM Watches

About B.R.M Watches

As well as in the car industry, watch making masters are known by those few in search of the absolute best. In this very selective world where the elite rule, nobody speaks of mass production still less of productivity. Perfection is the only password! Few miles away from Paris, Bernard Richards practices the superb watch making art passed down in his family. Night and day, with the help of his craftsmen, he turns and assembles the most complex parts that others can no longer manufacture. 

After two years of mystery and experimentation, the first BRM watch was created, a beautiful and classic, powerful and sharp specimen, exceeding every expectation and surpassing all other fashionable models.

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