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Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Watches

Bell & Ross Watches

The vast world of Bell and Ross watches first came to life when an expert team of watch designers and aeroplane control panel specialists decided to bring their talents together and create one-of-a-kind timepieces designed especially for professional aviation use.

Based in Switzerland, Bell and Ross watches are behind some truly impressive designs with their most popular being the Bell and Ross BR-01 collection that boasts bold stainless steel square cases and essential, easy to read dials. The BR-X1 range is another that will take your breath away with its detailed skeletonised designs and unique inserts of colour.

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About Bell & Ross Watches

About Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross is one of the most distinctive brands in the watchmaking world, renowned for their square watch case and round faced dials inspired by cockpit instruments in aircrafts. Every Bell & Ross watch is completely unique in its design, and with quartz watches and automatic Bell & Ross watches available, the brand does not fall short of superior movements either.
The first watches made by the company were created by Swiss manufacturer and bared both the Bell & Ross logo as well as the Sinn logo until the companies separated in 2002. The new timepieces are some of the best in the world and are highly sought after. Popular core models include the Bell & Ross BR03 and the Bell & Ross Vintage range which breaks the square watch mould and follows a more traditional style.

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