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Casio Watches

Casio Watches

Casio watches are completely unmissable on the wrist. Their sporty, robust and bold looking designs make a striking statement that not only look incredible but include many intricate and useful features like GPS and solar powered functionality.

The Casio watch brand consists of several other families including G Shock watches, Baby G watches and Casio Edifice watches, providing a range of sport watches for both men and women that are ideal for measuring performance and training.

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About Casio Watches

About Casio

The Casio brand is known for its quality watches. The name of the calculator was Casio 14-A. Kashio Todao established a company named Kashio Seisakujo back on 1946. The company’s first product was a ring-mounted cigarette holder, which became successful quickly. The company developed various types of calculators, including the first scientific calculator. In 1974, Casio started expanding its product line, thus manufacturing the brand’s first watches. Casio is the company that produced the first shock resistant and the first digital diary watch. 

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