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About Certina

Certina watches do more than just look good, with a technical sophistication and sporty spirit that has secured them a place on the world’s greatest racetracks and on the wrists of top athletes. The Swiss watch brand’s affinity for perfection is shown through every Certina watch you see, with the famous turtle shell logo on the case back attributing to its robustness and longevity.

The Certina DS concept of ‘double security’ is one of Certina’s greatest innovations that ensures exceptional resistance through scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a complicated system of seals. Meanwhile, the famous Certina Powermatic 80 watch collection boasts a highly accurate movement with a power reserve of over 80 hours. You can find a stunning range of Certina watches for men and women on our website and in our stores.

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About Certina Watches

About Certina

Certina was founded in 1888 when Adolf and Alfred Kurth opened in Grenchen their first movement and supplies factory for the watchmaking industry. At the start Certina's staff consisted of three employees working in a workshop that was connected to the family home. Certina did not begin producing complete watches and timepieces for a few years which they then did alongside their work producing movements for other companies. By 1938 the company had expanded and 250 employees celebrated the 50th anniversary of the company.

As the Swiss leader in mid range sporting watches, Certina has always set itself the goal of providing outstanding quality at an affordable price. The introduction in 1959 of the hitherto unprecedented concept of double security is a significant example of this, raising water and shock resistance of its timepieces previously unattained levels and setting new benchmarks. 

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