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Louis Erard

Louis Erard Watches

Louis Erard Watches

This cultural heritage becomes one with the watchmaker who is heir to savour faire which he perpetuates while continuing to add new expertise. Established in 1931 and now settled in Le Noirmont, Louis Erard has made these values its strength.

Five flagship collections, four of which are entirely mechanical, demonstrate this unwavering commitment to Swiss Made. They make up a world of classic, refined timepieces for men and women, some with in house complications, expressed through a finely honed aesthetic. 

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About Louis Erard Watches

About Louis Erard

Although they are not the largest Swiss watch brand, Louis Erard Watches are slowly growing into one of the most recognisable. They are becoming famed for their traditional and quality aesthetic that is available at a surprisingly affordable price.  They more recently unveiled their limited edition Louis Erard Ultima watch that expresses the powerful connection between the watchmaking and automotive worlds.
Each Louis Erard watch is manufactured to perfection and they have created a collection suitable for every person and every style. The Louis Erard Excellence watches boast timeless designs with unique dial features like skeletonised windows and moon phase apertures while the Louis Erard Romance collection has been designed especially for ladies looking for a sweet and sophisticated finish. 

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