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Perrelet Watches

Perrelet Watches

Front-runner and influencer Perrelet Watches are certainly ones to make a statement with their famous dial designs and unbeatable automatic movements. The brand was founded over 250 years ago by Abraham-Louis Perrelet who was believed to have been the inventor of one of the very first self-winding watches. Since then, Perrelet watches have only ever housed automatic movements.

Also known for their unique and breathtaking dials, Perrelet watches are not to be hidden under the sleeve. The famous Perrelet Turbine watch is just one example of their technical prowess with the double rotor movement displayed proudly on the dial. You can find all the latest Perrelet watches on our website including limited edition Perrelet watches, Perrelet Turbine watches, Perrelet Class T watches, Perrelet First Class watches and Perrelet LAB watches.

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About Perrelet Watches

About Perrelet

Perrelet watches have become known as a pioneer and pillar of the watch making industry, thanks to their hunger for creating only the most precise, visually stunning and technically proficient timepieces in the world.
 Perrelet watches first originated 250 years ago when founder Abraham-Louis Perrelet became fascinated by the construction and intricate assembly of watchmaking.  His passion for horology is brought to life through every modern design today, since all Perrelet watches are equipped with automatic movements, a silent tribute to the founder’s invention in 1777. These automatic movements are also entirely crafted, decorated and assembled within their own workshops where their talented watchmakers can keep every single element up to their extremely high standards.

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