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Reservoir Watches

Reservoir Watches

Shop our stunning collection of Reservoir watches famed for their unique designs inspired by classic measurement instruments. The unmissable and quirky dials of Reservoir watches make them fun to wear since one hand replaces the conventional three using a retrograde minute and jumping hour hand. This breathtaking concept is a testament to the talent of the watchmakers that singlehandedly piece together the intricate components of every Reservoir watch.

These luxury watches for men are fine examples of traditional Swiss watchmaking at its finest. Reservoir have taken the brilliance of an automatic movement and combined it with radical aesthetics to create a collection of Reservoir watches that will remain timeless. You can find all the latest Reservoir watches on our website including limited edition Reservoir watches, Reservoir Tiefenmesser watches, Reservoir Supercharged watches and Reservoir GT watches.

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About Reservoir Watches

About Reservoir

Reservoir takes its inspiration from the functionalities and the aesthetic appeal of measurement instruments of days gone by. Qualified watchmakers design, assemble and check the meticulously calibrated settings of in Switzerland, and the fact that the checks are so thorough, and that such attention is devoted to every minor detail, means that Reservoir Watch timepieces are truly proud to display their swiss made label.

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