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Traser H3

Traser H3 Watches

Traser H3 Watches

Popular with travellers and sport enthusiasts, Traser H3 watches provide a robust and bold finish that promises to remain durable and resilient against whatever adventure the wearer may take. Traser watches are also one of the only brands to use the technology of trigalight under their watch dials, allowing the display to be illuminated from below when it is exposed to complete darkness.

You can find all the Traser watch collections here including the Traser Officer Pro watches and Traser Tactical watches, two designs that embody the bold and strong principles of the Swiss military watch manufacturer.

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About Traser H3 Watches

About Traser H3

Traser H3 timepieces are mostly known as top military watches. They are made in Switzerland and the history of the company dates back to the 1970s. One of Traser H3’s most unique features is the utilization of Gaseous Titanium Light Sources (GTLS).
Trigalight are tiny glass vials that are laser sealed, internally coated with phosphorescent material and filled with a minute amount of tritium gas. Electrons emitted from the gas excite the phosphor to create the permanent light. They do not require any external power source or require recharging in order to glow continuously for up to 20 years.

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