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Thanks to the striking case size and crown levers found on U Boat watches, it is impossible not to make a lasting impression when wearing one. The brand was first founded by Ilvo Fontana when he was approached by the Italian Navy to create a high quality, durable and easy to read watch that could be used in all weather conditions. Successfully completing the challenge, Fontana continued manufacturing watches of the same standard until the brand became what it is today.

Every U Boat watch is carefully hand crafted in Italy but still boasts Swiss movements and only the very best quality materials like their tungsten steel and sapphire crystal glass. The U Boat Classico range is the perfect place to start with its impressive price point while their U Boat Chimera watch collection is ideal for those looking to make a real statement.

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Shop our stunning collection of U Boat watches and become entranced by their masculine cases, bold crown levers and striking dial designs. U Boat watches were first brought to life when Ilvo Fontana was approached by the Italian Navy to create a high quality, easy to read timepiece that could be used in all weather conditions. From there, the U Boat watch collection has grown, now boasting handcrafted Italian materials and unbeatable Swiss movements.
U Boat watches, most notably known for their large crowns found on the left-hand side of the case, are designed to be a statement of power and confidence. This bravado is demonstrated beautifully through each of the U Boat watch collections including the striking U Boat Classico and the U Boat Chimera range. You can find all the latest U Boat watches for men and women on our website including the U-Boat Capsule, Flightdeck, Bronze, U-42, Sommerso and Capsoil collections.