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What is Turquoise?

Admired for it’s vibrant sky blue colour, turquoise is a beautiful gemstone that is commonly found in dry, barren regions such as Iran, Australia, Israel, China, Brazil, Afghanistan, Mexico, USA and Tanzania. With iron-rich limonite and sandstone being their preferred host rocks, acidic, copper-rich groundwater seeps downward reacting with minerals made up of phosphorus and aluminium that forms microscopic crystals when compressed together. 

Turquoise directly translates to ‘Turkish stone’, which originally comes from the French expression ‘pierre torques’. Celebrated as one of the oldest gemstones, turquoise would traditionally pass through Turkey whilst transporting to Europe from Persia (Iran) earning its name that has stuck to this day.

The Turquoise Legacy




To provide an idea of the age of the December birthstone and its part in history, many Egyptian Pharaohs would wear the gem around their necks becoming a very important feature in their style. Naming the gem “Merkat”, which means joy and delight, by 2000BC, the deposits in Sinai, Egypt were significantly depleted due to the popularity of the stone.

It wasn’t just the Egyptians who favoured turquoise; early Native Americans included the gemstone as part of their dress. Turquoise was also regularly used in burials during this time.

In the 14th Century, the Turks believed that turquoise was a symbol of protection, which led to many attaching talismans of turquoise to their horse to avoid falling off. The turquoise would make their horse surer footed resulting in fewer injuries. Gradually, the belief has grown to protect from falling from high buildings or cliffs and still remains a symbol of good luck and wealth today. 

Turquoise and Colour

Adored worldwide for its unique colour that varies from light to dark blue to green, it is the vivid robin egg blue that is considered the most exclusive. Due to its natural formation, turquoise can feature narrow brown, green or yellow veins, which is named the matrix in the industry. Sometimes this can devalue the stone, however, many adore the beautiful, intricate patterns. Therefore, more often than not, it depends on personal preference and taste. 

The matrix allows for each piece of turquoise to be truly unique in appearance and character, no two piece look the same, which is why the gem is highly sort after and very often handcrafted into stunning pieces of jewellery.



Turquoise Jewellery

Sitting alongside our stunning Whitby jet collections, our turquoise jewellery stands out with beautiful cabochons precision set into both gold and silver jewellery. Explore our exquisite collections of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks and rings that showcase the beautiful lustre of the stone. Only sourcing the finest, natural turquoise from the famous Kingman mine, located in North Western Arizona, each piece of jewellery is made to an extremely high standard, cut and polished to perfection. It’s soft nature and fine texture makes the gem a pleasure to work with.  

Our exquisite collection of turquoise jewellery is the perfect gift for a loved one, especially if you are celebrating your 11th anniversary as it is the traditional present given on this special day.