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For the Love of Dogs

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When it comes to the latest jewellery designs and collections, W Hamond have a proud tradition of keeping ahead of the curve and when given the task of producing a new collection aimed at dog owners, Rebecca Sellors – W Hamond’s Jewellery Designer – had great fun bringing to life a stunning collection of the very sort!

At W Hamond, we have been retailing pet inspired jewellery for some time with one of our most recent launches being the silver and enamelled collections of Dog Fever and Cat Fever jewellery. But this year and in conjunction with Chatsworth House, we developed a new arrival of designs for the 2019 exhibition “The Dog: A Celebration at Chatsworth”.

Chatsworth’s successful canine exhibition was inspired by the Duchess of Devonshire’s love of her four-legged friends and it provided a wonderful celebration for the 400 years man and dog have shared an enduring bond. It explored stories of bravery and mischief, of working dogs and treasured companions through a myriad of paintings, objects, letters, snuff boxes, jewellery and sculptures to ceramics, embroideries, drawings and painted ceilings.

As with previous exhibitions at Chatsworth House, C W Sellors/W Hamond was enlisted to come up with an accompanying jewellery collection which, being a dog owner herself, Rebecca relished in. She loved the new challenge and produced a collection which combines sleek design with a sense of practicability with each item intended to be worn by dogs or used by their owners looking for fun links with canine aristocracy. The collection consists of luxury dog tags, keyrings, whistles, collars and bowls alongside a selection of dog inspired jewellery for the owner to adorn. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a small gift or the finest canine luxury accompaniment.

Styled in a colourful selection of copper, brass or steel vermeil, the stylish dog tags and keyrings have been designed around a feature piece at the exhibition: an original dog tag lent by the Kennel Club circa 1903 which was worn by Caesar, a Wire Fox Terrier who was the favourite dog of King Edward VII. The signature tag is available with either ‘The Dog’ Chatsworth logo or ‘I BELONG TO THE KING’ which was inscribed onto the original. Both editions also have room for the pet details to be engraved on the reverse. ‘I BELONG TO THE QUEEN’ is also available.

To accompany the tags, a range of different sized and different coloured collars are available featuring the Chatsworth snake motif, finished in brass and hallmarked in silver. Should further elegance or refinery be sought, you will be pleased to discover the hallmarked sterling silver cased dog whistles, which Rebecca explains is inspired by the Duchess’ ‘winning whistle’ and the colours from the exhibition. The whistles also perfectly fit with the sterling silver dog bowls on offer.

With the East Midlands and Derbyshire being an area, which loves its dog, it is with a smile that Rebecca provided the statistic that the region holds the largest number of dogs per household in the UK –that number being 1.5. It is these and the owners of the other 9,000,000 dogs that Rebecca had in mind when she explained a little about her new collection: “As a dog owner myself, I know how much you get bombarded with opportunities to pamper your pet with all kinds of accessories. But with the collection we did in collaboration with Chatsworth and their exhibition, we hope to have offered a simplicity and connection to their celebration of dogs, many of which have been bestowed a royal status and which any owner can enjoy being a part of.” Covering the obligatory question about her favourite piece, Rebecca is torn: “I love the whistles and collars, but the tag which features ‘I BELONG TO THE KING’ I feel offers a true regal connection for any dog wearing it.”

In addition to the Chatsworth Dog collection and to ensure the owners of the 11.1 million cats in the UK don’t feel like they’re missing out, the previously mentioned Dog Fever and Cat Fever collections provide an additional and wide selection of luxury pet inspired jewellery any owner would be proud to wear. With a quality hand finishing from Italian manufacturers, the collection includes pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings of over 60 breeds of dogs and cats, all with a truly lifelike appeal.

Having overseen the collection into the W Hamond boutiques, Rebecca tells us: “For anyone who has ever owned a pet, they will have seen many designs and jewellery related products that are, quite frankly, of poor design and low quality. With the Dog Fever and Cat Fever collections, there is now a truly wearable product being offered. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Discover the W Hamond Chatsworth The Dog collection on our website here alongside the Dog Fever and Cat Fever jewellery collections.