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As authorised stockists of Fabergé jewellery. We are proud to offer the full selection of Fabergé jewellery and watches including Fabergé egg necklaces, Fabergé egg pendants, Fabergé rings, Fabergé earrings and Fabergé bracelets. Recognised as one of the most iconic, prestigious and highly sought after brands from around the world, each piece is a work of art.

Founded in 1842 by Peter Carl Fabergé, Fabergé remains one of the most revered names within the jewellery industry. Renowned for their highly prized and exquisite jewellery creations, many pieces take inspiration from the original Fabergé egg designs, capturing their refinement, cultural richness and technical perfection. Jewels by Fabergé embrace creativity, craftsmanship and heritage.
Discover Fabergé's signature designs including the iconic Rococco, Heritage, Imperial and Treillage collections, along with a selection of collectable Fabergé Eggs, fusing tradition and modernity. These timeless treasures are bejewelled and superbly handcrafted, possessing their own intriguing story, full of surprises. As the creators of endearing and enduring gifts and personal treasures, Fabergé draws inspiration from many styles and influences. 

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In 1882 Peter Carl Fabergé took over his fathers very ordinary jewellery company and together with his brother Agathon transformed it into the prestigious and international phenomenon we know it to be today.
House of Fabergé is known for their exquisite designs, jewelled eggs and collections. Many of the jewellery creations they design take inspiration from the original Fabergé Russian eggs, and by capturing their refinement, cultural richness and technical perfection the brand has created an exquisite jewellery line that is completely unique. The Rococo, Treillage and Imperial ranges have become some of C W Sellors most successful collections to name but a few, all of which are designed to be easy to wear while continuing to celebrate the tradition of meticulous craftsmanship for which Fabergé is famous.
Discover a beautiful selection of Fabergé necklaces, Fabergé earrings, Fabergé egg pendants, Fabergé egg necklaces, Fabergé bracelets, Fabergé rings, Fabergé charms, Fabergé cufflinks, Fabergé brooches and Fabergé watches available online and in store. 

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