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The W Hamond Whitby Jet Blossom Jewellery Collection

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When it comes to handcrafting our elegant pieces of Whitby Jet jewellery, we often look to the world on our doorstep for inspiration. While our Ocean collection was born from our love of Whitby’s coastline and our Gothic collection is a tribute to the town’s Goth weekend, our W Hamond Whitby Jet Blossom jewellery collection brings to life the different aspects of nature; flora and fauna alike, found on the edges of Whitby town.

Anyone that has ever visited Whitby will know it’s the perfect source of inspiration. If it was good enough for Bram Stoker when he wrote the legendary novel Dracula, then its good enough for us. From our workshops at the top of Church Street, just beside the foot of the famous Abbey steps, we have a whole host of inspiration to work with to create our vast collections of fine jewellery. Of course, many of our pieces are set with the Whitby Jet gemstone, a treasure found only on the local shores of the northeast coast of Yorkshire. Here in our workshops, we look out at nature and reflect on what next to create with this magical, deep black gemstone.

One of our latest creations is the W Hamond Whitby Jet Blossom jewellery collection which as its name suggests pays tribute to all that is wonderful in nature. We have set the jet black stone into floral-inspired settings and unique pendants and earrings set with cobwebs, cats and butterflies.  The collection captures the true spirit of elegance and sophistication, offering a variety of designs to suit every style and personality.

All of the W Hamond Whitby Jet Blossom jewellery pieces are set with Whitby Jet, whether it be as part of a flower’s petals, the wings of a butterfly or the body of a gentle bunny rabbit. The stone is placed within elegant settings of 18 carat rose gold and then adorned with additional motifs of diamond, white mother of pearl and amethyst. The combination of contrasting stones and metals creates an explosion of colour that will certainly add a playful yet elegant finish to your outfit.

One of our favourite pieces in the Whitby Jet Blossom jewellery collection is the 18ct Rose Gold Flower Whitby Jet and Mother Of Pearl Necklace. It features three five-petal flowers, two dressed in Whitby Jet petals and another with mother of pearl petals. Each of the flowers are adorned with a single brilliant cut white diamond at the centre to represent the flower’s stigma. Contrasting to the otherwise monochromatic design is the 18ct rose gold setting and chain.

Another popular design is the 18ct Rose Gold Whitby Jet and Diamond Spider Web Necklace. This unique gothic-inspired piece celebrates the history of Whitby’s Gothic weekend and its home to famous characters like Dracula. In this instance, the Whitby Jet stone is placed into an 18ct rose gold spider web frame and paired with a dazzling brilliant cut 0.02 carat diamond at the centre where the web meets. A spider sits to the side of the web, handcrafted from a single sapphire and amethyst.

If you’d like to learn more about the W Hamond Whitby Jet Blossom jewellery collection and shop the range for yourself, head over to the W Hamond website here. Alternatively, get in touch with the team by calling 01947 603330 or send us a message at info@whamond.com.