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Shrieking Violet

Shrieking Violet jewellery is some of the most unique of its kind, featuring the beauty and allure of real flowers that have been expertly cultivated and implemented into sterling silver designs. The idea for Shrieking Violet jewellery first came to life in the late 20th century in a field at Glastonbury music festival when the brand’s founder spotted a lone daisy and decided to capture the flower in jewellery. This way both the flower and the memories of the long nights spent dancing would be remembered forever.

There is a huge range of Shrieking Violet jewellery to choose from which showcase a number of unique flower displays using petals and plant matter from poppies, roses, forget-me-nots, springs of heather and many other sensual flowers. Capture your own memories or commemorate a special occasion with one of these Shrieking Violet rings, necklaces, earrings and pendants that will instantly become a token of treasured beauty.

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