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W Hamond Whitby Jet Talks

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 Because W. Hamond is so proud of its heritage and the long and fascinating history that surrounds Whitby Jet, educational talks are now a regular event that take place in W. Hamond's first floor tearooms.

These talks are carried out by Whitby jet enthusiasts, in house jewellers and jet workers. 

Her talks take you on a fascinating journey from Bronze Age and Roman jet working to a vivid portrayal of life in Victorian England and the importance jet jewellery played in a persons social standing. The symbolism hidden within the carvings of Whitby jet are also explained as well as the everyday life of the Victorian jet worker.

For more information on when the next talk at W Hamond will take place, or to book a talk at your own event please contact:

Whamond Boutique 01947603330