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Whitby Jet at the National Association of Goldsmiths Loughborough Conference

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As part of W. Hamond's dedication to sharing the fascinating story of Whitby Jet, five interactive workshops were recently given by Whitby Jet expert Chris Sellors at this years National Association of Goldsmith's Loughborough Conference. 

The conference takes place every year and is a chance for jewellers from around the country to get together socially, as well as professionally. Sharing knowledge, news and a mutual passion for all things that shine and glitter!

This year there were thirty guest speakers at the conference, with subjects ranging from 'Miniature Silver Toys' to 'Gem Testing', but with five classes lined up over a three day period 'The History of Whitby Jet' was surely the most popular! Each workshop consisted of a detailed talk on the history of the British gemstone, followed by a lesson in how to spot the fakes, and tips on how to date Whitby Jet jewellery. Delegates were then invited to watch rough Whitby Jet being cut and carved on traditional grinding wheels and diamond edged trim saws, as well as being invited to handle and study some of the finest examples of genuine Victorian pieces.

"It was a real honour to be invited to the conference" says Rebecca "The people attending were experienced valuers and jewellers so there was already a lot of knowledge in the room, and yet not much was known about our own native gemstone. People were genuinely interested and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to share our history and understanding of the stone with them, as well as the distinction and prominence we're trying to give the gemstone going forward.

If you would like to book a talk for your group/club please contact her through the

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