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W Hamond at Bram Stoker International Film Festival and Goth Weekend

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Are you ready for Goth Weekend this year? 

W Hamond are getting into the spooky spirit with some seriously impressive decorations!

We're used to seeing the usual pumpkins and witches in shop windows on the run up to Halloween, but W Hamond have taken the scary decorations to the next level!

Walking up Church Street to the boutique may seem like a pleasant enough stroll, but beware! When you reach W Hamond there's something waiting for you, and it's anything but incy wincey! 

Whilst you're looking into the shop windows, you're being watched! By the biggest, hairiest and creepiest crawly you are sure to see in Whitby!

With his gigantic spiders web smothering the majority of the shop, the W Hamond spider guards all our precious jewellery that's kept within.

It isn't just the outside that's had a scary makeover though, pop inside and see for yourself! The happy staff have a sinister stare and the boutique is filled with ghosts and ghoulies!

If you can make it past the shop floor, and fancy a vampire bite to eat, make your way upstairs to our Gothic Tearoom!

Normally the W Hamond tea room is a warm and friendly place to enjoy some hot food on these chilly afternoons. But lately, the bowls have been replaced with cauldrons, and the soup may not be soup at all, but a witches broth!

As well as the physical appearance of the shop, W Hamond also love getting on board with Goth Weekend by hosting activities, such as the Best Dressed Competition! Approaching the boutique, underneath the spooky spider you'll see our Gothic Gateway!!

Within this Gateway lies the opportunity to win yourself a piece of W Hamond's beautiful Gothic Jewellery.

All you have to do is take a photo of yourself inside the Gate, and post this to Facebook for all to see! If you tag W Hamond's Facebook page on the photo then you are immediately entered into our competition. The more likes you receive, the more chance of winning! So tell your friends to get online, go to W Hamond's Facebook page and 'LIKE' your photo to be in with a chance!! 

So don't miss out! Grab your Gothic Gear here and get posing underneath the fabulous gateway, that's all it takes!!

Keep up to date with the competition on our Facebook page.

Bram Stoker International Film Festival Presents:


On Saturday the 25th of October, all things scary broke loose, and those that usually wander the depths of hell wandered the streets of Whitby, gathering at the Spa Pavilion to party!

W Hamond sponsor this particular night that is ran by the Bram Stoker International Film Festival, so the girls got out their fangs and made their way to the event.

As well as sponsoring the event, W Hamond also conduct a Best Dressed competition, and give out beautiful signature Dracula jewellery as the prize. A pendant for the best dressed woman, and a signet ring for the best dressed man.

The outfits were amazing, so much effort had been put in to each and every one. From pig ladies to body paint, no two costumes were alike, which made judging the competition very difficult.

After searching for the scariest vampires, the fabulous Joe Black, host of the evening pulled the ladies from W Hamond up on stage to announce the winners.

The Best Dressed man was chosen because he had put in so much effort. The suit jacket that he was wearing was made with cut outs of Whitby's historical images, which he had found and then made into a jacket. His wife had matching shoes and corset too.

The Best Dressed woman was chosen not only because of the huge effort she had put in with her body painting and head piece, but on her chest she had one of our Gothic pieces painted on! The infamous Gothic spider made her outfit extra special! See the real piece here!

'Dracula's bride' as she called herself, was beyond pleased with her prize. 'I'm going to give it to the artist who did my body paint, as she was the one who was inspired by the beautiful W Hamond pendant. She'll be thrilled!'

The W Hamond girls loved the vampire ball, and can't wait to get dressed up and head back next year for more scary fun!

Previous to the Vampire Ball, we ran a competition on Twitter. By Retweeting a Tweet written by W Hamond, you were automatically entered into a prize draw, and one lucky tweeter won themselves 2 FIVE day passes to the whole of the festival. We were privileged enough to bump into the lucky couple, who had thoroughly enjoyed the festival and were looking forward to the rest of the event. They had gone to a massive effort with their outfits too, being some of the scariest contestants that entered!