Exclusive lectures at CW Sellors Christmas Wishes

A Chance To Learn

At C W Sellors event 'Christmas Wishes', not only can you browse the beautiful jewellery whilst sipping champagne, C W Sellors also offer the chance to learn. With specialist subject talks by the experts, there's something for everyone who has a keen ear.

Make yourself comfortable next to the Caterpillar, and listen up for some interesting facts about watches, gem stones and history. From luxury watches to the most precious gem stones, take a chance to educate yourself in some of the most interesting facts about our products. These talks take place every year at Christmas Wishes, and are also available throughout the year in different locations. For more information on when the next lecture is, drop us an email to info@whamond.com for more information.



Here's what we learned about this year at 





Make sure you check out what's in store next year!