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Viking Festival In York

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Vikings brought amber to York from Scandinavia in order to trade this precious gemstone for local goods. The excavations at Hungate down the road have uncovered many amber and jet items of jewellery, such as amulets and bangles at Viking and Roman sites. York (or Jorvik as the Vikings called it) was the Viking capital of England, and was a huge centre for trade.

This gorgeous, warm gem stone is local to Northern Europe, and is created within the depths of the Baltic sea. As the climate became warmer, pine trees began to produce more resin, which, in time, has fossilised, creating a beautiful, orange-toned gem stone. Since remote times, the beauty of Baltic amber was attracting attention. Amber jewellery is a treasure to own, for centuries was worn only by nobility and not affordable to the masses. Amber jewellery is fashionable and soaring in popularity even today. Amber jewellery is rumoured to balance a person's mood, pleases the eye, and lessens depression. 

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York's Viking festival begins on the 14th – 22nd February, and offers an array of Viking-based activities, suitable for all age groups, in order to celebrate York's Viking history.

Over 1000 years ago when York was under Viking rule great celebrations took place during February called ‘Jolablot.’ The festival heralded the coming of spring and the end of winter hardships. These celebrations were long forgotten until the 1980s when York Archaeological Trust revived this lost Norse tradition.

Recognised as the largest Viking Festival in the Europe, the annual JORVIK Viking Festival is a city-wide celebration of York’s Viking heritage that attracts over 40,000 visitors to the city each year.

The festival’s programme of family-friendly events, lectures, guided walks and battle re-enactments attracts an international audience, with many returning year after year to take part and enjoy the atmosphere.

What's on:

Central Camp:

The Vikings have returned to York and set up camp like they did over 1,000 years ago!

Come visit their new central encampment in the heart of York and see how they lived all that time ago, and it's FREE!

Eye of York Encampment: 

Visit the Anglo-Saxons at their encampment in York and learn how these warriors-farmers lived and watch out for clashes between the Viking invaders!

Kids Film Club - Asterix and the Vikings: 

A fun animated children’s film from the classic Asterix & Obelix story books – fast becoming a classic for kids and a sure-fire winner for this year’s festival!

And many more!! Check out the website for full details on all events over the weekend.