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A Celebration of British Gemstones

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Following on from the success of C W Sellors’ exclusive Fabergé Blue John jewellery collection for their 40th anniversary, W Hamond join in the celebration of British gemstones to mark 160 years.

When going to press with the last edition of our Showcase magazine, C W Sellors 40th year anniversary collaboration with Fabergé on an exclusive Derbyshire Blue John collection was still greatly under wraps. Although we could offer an insight into the inspiration and vision behind its creation, the pieces had yet to be officially unveiled. Following a successful launch and overwhelming number of pre-orders for the jewellery collection at our Christmas Wishes Showcase at Chatsworth House, we had great pleasure in delivering the finished pieces to the delight of all their new owners earlier this year.

Across many exciting projects the company has been involved with, the Fabergé partnership has been one that truly stood out for many reasons. Not only was it the first time Fabergé had used a British gemstone to craft their iconic pieces, but it also allowed Derbyshire Blue John a significant and enduring profile the gemstone so richly deserved. It also offered C W Sellors customers the chance to purchase exclusive designs by one of the world’s most revered jewellery manufacturers – you couldn’t even purchase this collection in Harrods!

For our workshops team, the Fabergé collaboration also offered unique opportunities including a glimpse into their expert enamelling craftsmanship inside their London atelier workshop. The images featured below show a rare insight into the process as they begin to craft the feature objet egg.

Should you not have had the chance to see these first-hand, the collection featured two wonderfully crafted objet eggs with an arrangement of Blue John flowers as their surprise and set on Blue John plinths – carved in C W Sellors workshops. As for the jewellery collection itself, we were thrilled at the finished designs which feature two Blue John pendants either as two halves set with a diamond centre or as an iconic Fabergé surprise locket – in this case a finely wrought Derbyshire Rose design. For those looking to purchase, you can choose between a finish of 18 carat rose, white or yellow gold for the diamond pendant and 18 carat yellow gold for the surprise locket, subject to the very limited stock there is still available.

Following the tremendous success of the Fabergé Blue John jewellery, it was without any hesitation we took the opportunity to re-establish our relationship with Fabergé to develop a new British gemstone collection with their craftsmen, and as we celebrate the 160th anniversary of W Hamond in 2020, what better timing could there be to launch the Fabergé Whitby Jet collection.

All the Whitby Jet used within the collection has been hand selected and passed through our own workshop to finish our part of the process. The finished limited-edition collection will allow W Hamond to once again set the benchmark for authentic Whitby Jet craftsmanship with a range of highly desirable and wearable jewellery pieces.

As with the Derbyshire Blue John collection, customers can expect designs of exceptional quality and intricate detail, with both solid diamond set Whitby Jet pendants and surprise lockets being accompanied by a feature objet egg. Hidden within the surprise locket and objet egg is the most famous landmark in Whitby, the legendary Whitby Abbey.

You can still order some of the limited pieces of the Fabergé Derbyshire Blue John collection at W Hamond here and the stunning new collection of Fabergé Whitby Jet jewellery here. Speak with our fine jewellery specialists today if you have any questions or queries about these collections at info@whamond.com or on 01947 603 330.