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Whitby Jet Ocean Inspired Jewellery Collection

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With many of us are trapped inside waiting patiently to explore our beautiful world again, we decided to bring you a taste of the magic and mystery that awaits you with our stunning Whitby Jet Ocean jewellery collection. Inspired by the alluring colours of the sea, its mysterious depths and the creatures that dwell there, these breathtaking sterling silver Whitby Jet pieces are here to captivate you and inspire you to explore the unknown.

Since our opening in 1860, the Original Whitby Jet Store has remained in the original place at the top of Whitby's historic Church Street and at the foot of the famous Abbey steps, becoming an unmoveable part of the town’s heritage. Anyone who has visited Whitby can declare it a place of unique inspiration, with an ancient port with a fascinating history, a ruined abbey and a magical harbour and coastline. Our Whitby Jet Ocean jewellery collection is inspired by the quaint seaside town we are lucky enough to call our home and celebrates the many famous events and tourist attractions that has put the Yorkshire town on the map. 

The nautical jewellery collection was most notably inspired by the Whitby Regatta, an aquatic competition that is considered one of the oldest sea Regatta’s on the north east coast. From stunning Whitby jet necklaces shaped like the majestic seahorse to exquisite Whitby Jet earrings and bracelets intricately crafted into the shapes of shells, starfish and ships, the collection offers a piece of magic for everybody. One of our favourite designs is the Whitby Jet Octopus which showcases a truly unique sterling silver tentacle design beautifully shaped into hoop earrings, pendants or bangles and decorated with the striking black Whitby Jet gemstone. Our Ocean jewellery collection also features exquisite gemstones like Amber, Larimar and Coquina, three other stunning stones that capture the colour and mystery of the deep sea.

As always, our Whitby Jet jewellery collections are handmade within our own workshops in Whitby and we use only the finest quality Whitby Jet, gathered from the local shores of the north east coast of Yorkshire. Our passion and enthusiasm for our heritage and the Jet black stone results in only the finest and expertly crafted pieces of jewellery that we hope you will wear and own for a lifetime. If you would like to purchase any of the jewellery on our website or any of the stunning pieces from our Ocean jewellery collection, you can do so online or by contacting our talented team of jewellery specialists on 01947 603330 or at info@whamond.com.