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Best Sellers

This page is quite simply, a selection of W Hamonds very best sellers. Incredibly popular designs crafted from our locally sourced Whitby Jet Stone, our bespoke service offers a multitude of ideas for those special occasions, birthdays, wedding anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Our sensational bestseller jewellery pieces are the result of years of refinement.  Nourishing the rich jewellery making history of the company, our bestsellers are fine examples of our beautiful Whitby Jet handiwork which invents a connective bond between local heritage and natural beauty for all to enjoy. Offering both contemporary and traditional designs, our bestseller collection embodies unique carvings and delicately crafted contours to create stunning works of art with emphasis placed strongly on the imagination and creativity of our in-house workshop team. The Jet which has evolved over 180 million years ago and found on the shores of Whitby, is distinguishable by its very own characteristics and once blended with our niche hand designs, transforms into truly unique statements of beauty.  Whitby Jet is carved into our bestsellers which include Whitby Jet brooches, Whitby Jet bracelets, Whitby Jet rings and Whitby Jet necklaces.


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