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Gothic Jewellery

Inspired by Whitby’s annual Goth weekend founded in 1994, our hypnotic collection of Goth-inspired designs created from locally sourced Whitby Jet Stone epitomizes unrivalled beauty of a supreme standard. It was in the atmospheric town of Whitby that Bram Stoker’s imaginative fictional novel Dracula was created. Taking inspiration from the steeping slopes of Whitby Abbey, the churchyard, and the town’s strong connections to folklore, Bram Stoker visited North Yorkshire’s seaside town in 1890 to research the ethereal backdrop to his novel. Now with a huge cult following the Goth Festival takes place in the same historical town twice a year in the spring and around Halloween to celebrate the area’s legendary connections. Our hypnotic Goth collection features designs incorporating locally sourced Whitby Jet, set into unique statement designs. The Gothic collection embodies styles that accentuate the natural beauty and allure of the dark, intensely black, mirror-polish quality of the Whitby Jet stone. Influences taken from the Gothic horror novel can be admired in our Whitby boutique with jewellery designs that include the iconic Whitby Jet Spider collection. Our Gothic collection not only embraces its historical links to the world-famous Dracula novel, but also to the large ostentatious designs of the Victorian era. Our dark, mystic and mesmerising Goth pendants, Goth necklaces and Goth charms absorb elements form the 1900's yet bestow a timeless appeal for all to enjoy and admire.


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