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Marcasite Whitby Jet Jewellery

Marcasite Whitby Jet jewellery has an incredible antique appearance. Our exquisite Marcasite collection features a selection of beautifully carved sterling silver designs which have been fused with the mysterious characteristics of our locally sourced Whitby Jet stone. The magnetising allure of the Marcasite mineral produces a highly unusual vintage appeal when handcrafted into our rare creations at our head quarters. Our Whitby Jet rings, Whitby Jet earrings and Whitby jet necklaces are infused with out intricate Leaf Edge, Beaded Edge and Flower designs using Marcasite and silver combinations to create indulgent sentiments for all individuals and occasions. The light, warm and incredibly tactile Whitby Jet gemstone culminates the perfect contrast against the cold metal of our sterling silver and Marcasite finishes. From bold contemporary styles to the more intricate methods of our traditional craftsmanship, the properties of Marcasite lace our most popular innovations with ultimate elegance. Our Marcasite collection offers gifts for special occasions, anniversaries or keepsakes, using a sequence of modest materials and avant-garde technology.


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