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Official Tour De Yorkshire Jewellery

In celebration of the three day road cycling race which travels through the Seaside town of Whitby during May, W Hamond presents a bicycle themed Tour De Yorkshire jewellery collection, inspired by the profile and characteristics of the roadster itself. Formed from the fossilised monkey puzzle tree, Whitby Jet Stone is a precious stone native to the British Isles. The beautifully soft opaque gemstone, composed of carbonised wood has been traced back to ornamental purposes during the Bronze age. The traditional craftsmanship of Whitby Jet Stone has altered very little since the Victorian, Viking and Roman times. Created inside our traditional workshops, our C W Sellors team of expertly trained stone technicians implement many of the same techniques used to create Whitby Jet jewellery used as far back in time as the Roman craftsman, however integration of high precision laser cutting and computer-aided design allows for W Hamond’s prestigious and award winning Whitby Jet innovations to grow with the development of their engineering skills. Whitby Jet can be admired in many of the Tour De Yorkshire pieces, from Tour De Yorkshire Whitby Jet bike spokes, Whitby Jet chain wheels and Whitby Jet gear cogs, all of which have been elegantly executed to perfection in sterling silver. Our Tour De Yorkshire necklaces, Tour De Yorkshire charms and Tour De Yorkshire earrings fuse the art of jewellery making and the philosophy of gemstone formation to create truly stunning innovations. The Tour De Yorkshire Whitby Jet Stone collection encourages biker enthusiasts or lovers of the sleepy seaside town of Whitby to express their enthusiasm for cultural beauty. The light, warm and incredibly tactile Whitby Jet gemstone culminates the perfect contrast against the cold metal from its sterling silver finish, creating the perfect sentiment for a road cyclist or supporter of the bike racing tour, or alternatively as a souvenir of the picturesque town from where our exquisite Whitby Jet Stone thrives.

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