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Garmin Tactix Watches

The world’s best-selling tactical training smartwatch, the Garmin Tactix lives up to its durable, tough and stealthy reputation with all-black scratch resistant cases, solar-powered dials and a mass of covert-worthy features. Take the Garmin Tactix 7 smartwatch for example, it boasts a unique multi-LED flashlight built-in at the side of the case which is solely fuelled by the solar-powered lens hidden beneath the display. Garmin Tactix smartwatches also boast features like stealth mode, Jumpmaster mode, a kill switch and an applied ballistic calculator.

As official retailers of Garmin smartwatches, you can find all their latest watch releases on the W Hamond website here including the full Garmin Tactix 7 watch collection. Speak with our team of tactical training smartwatch specialists today for assistance with the full range and the free next day delivery available.

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Garmin Tactix Watch Types

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