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About Garmin MARQ 2 Watches

Since the Garmin MARQ smartwatch collection was first launched back in 2019, it has become the technology giant’s most expensive, premium multisport GPS smartwatch. Its price tag is easily explainable in the mass of luxury smartwatch technology found within as well as the materials each MARQ watch is crafted from. You’ll find materials like titanium and ceramic making up the cases as well as scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass for protection of the display. The Garmin MARQ watches are also secured by luxury watch straps like titanium bracelets, jacquard weave bands and Italian leather.

The original Garmin MARQ watch collection featured seven core models, each one designed for a different lifestyle. You had the MARQ Athlete for the sportsman, the MARQ Adventurer for adventurers, the MARQ Captain for boating enthusiasts, the MARQ Aviator for pilots, the MARQ Driver for motorists, the Garmin MARQ Golfer for professionals of the green and finally the MARQ Commander for military personnel or simply those inspired by them. These smartwatches remain some of the brand’s most extraordinary, not only for their premium case materials and straps but for their 12 day battery life and extensive array of features.

Then in 2022, Garmin discontinued its first line of MARQ watches and launched a second-generation instalment. Suitably named the Garmin MARQ 2, these premium watches retained their luxury aesthetic but delivered some handy improvements that made reaching your fitness and lifestyle goals even easier. The Garmin MARQ 2 collection debuted a new AMOLED touchscreen display for even better readability and responsiveness and an improved battery life of 16 days. We also saw the introduction of new features like a jet lag advisor which is designed to help you minimise the effects of jet lag after travelling. It gives you advice on light exposure and combines stats from your sleep schedule and exercise to help you feel more settled in your new destination.

Another new feature for the Garmin MARQ 2 smartwatch is NextFork™ which works alongside the preloaded TopoActive maps to help you navigate hiking trails and see beyond the next turn. On top of that, the multi-band GNSS system now pairs with SatIQ™ technology which according to Garmin delivers the best positioning accuracy in any environment while also optimizing the device’s battery life. You’ll still find all the familiar traits of the MARQ including wrist based heart rate monitors, Pulse Ox sensor, Garmin Pay, music storage, PacePro technology, ClimbPro, real time stamina and so much more.

The Garmin MARQ 2 watch collection again features a set of models each tailored towards the wrists of specific individuals. You have the Garmin MARQ 2 Athlete, MARQ 2 Adventurer, MARQ 2 Aviator, MARQ 2 Captain and MARQ 2 Golfer. You can explore all of these releases and more Garmin smartwatches on the W Hamond website here. Alternatively, get in touch with our team of specialists by calling 01335 453453 or send us a message at info@whamond.com.

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