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About Damasko

Robust, reliable and admirably bold, Damasko watches completely excel all horological expectations without descending into a level of dysfunctional gadgetry. Known for being monochrome works of art, each Damasko watch follows the principles of their founder Kondrad Damasko, whose dream to create a range of German watches that were striking, durable and accurate came true in 1994.

Damasko Watches continues to be an independent, family run business with a technical prowess almost unmatchable to any other luxury watch manufacturer. From ceramic bearing rotors, in-house movements to lubricant free escapements, their list of technical innovations is endless. You can find a huge range of Damasko watches for men and women on our website include the DA, DC and DK collections.

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About Damasko Watches

About Damasko

Damasko has designed and manufactured mechanical wristwatches since 1994. According to the company philosophy, it has always been their major goal to construct a watch with superior technical characteristics which should represent the highest standard.
During long years of extensive research several dozens of patents have been granted and Damasko is proud that their watches now represent a superior technical standard which is hardly to be found in the watch industry. With the main emphasis on the chronograph case and its operating elements they have taken every substantial part of the watch and found new ways of improving their performance with special regard to longevity.
After changing dozens of elements of the mechanical wristwatch and testing and obtaining patents for over twenty new super-hard alloys for the case and its components, Damasko watches now represent a technical standard which truly sets the products apart when compared to any optically related watches.

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