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Faberge Watches

Faberge Watches

Fabergé, inventor of extraordinary precious objects, has created astonishing and enchanting timepieces, in association with master watchmakers, which combine the science of measuring time with the imaginative freedom of Fabergé. The design of these simple or complex watches is based on one core quality: the unexpected. The gentlemen’s timepiece creations focus on powerful, distinctive and innovative designs, packed with technological prowess. Every watch in the collection also hides a number of astonishing details that only come to light when examined closely.

About Faberge Watches

About Faberge

Although more traditionally known for their association with exquisite jewellery and diamond encrusted eggs, Faberge have more recently begun to expend their collections to include Faberge watches. These exquisite additions are manufactured using only the best watchmakers around and continue to boast the breathtaking aesthetics that is seen in their jewellery.
Each Faberge watch is designed with intricately design dials with some beautifully set with diamonds and other jewels across the bezel and case. Peter Carl Faberge who was the original founder of the brand in 1842 would undoubtedly be impressed with the Faberge watch collections that pair so perfectly with the Faberge jewellery ranges. 

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