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Fossil Watches are behind some of the most stunning and sophisticated looking timepieces on the market. They understand that when you are looking for a new watch, you not only want something that is going to be uncomplicated and accurate but you want it to look amazing on the wrist.

From having only been founded in 1984, Fossil watches have quickly and unsurprisingly grown into a global brand. You can find all the Fossil watch collections on our website including the Fossil Jacqueline for ladies and Fossil Grant watches for men.

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Fossil was founded in 1984, Fossil watches take inspirational design cues for all things American vintage.  Having launched a number of iconic collections such as the Cecile, Jacqueline and Stella ranges, Fossil continue to grow their reputation in providing eye catching designer watches for the everyday individual. Fossil watches are also renowned for their presence in ladies and gents designer wristwatches. Fossil watches are also incredibly versatile, blending a variety of essential elements together to make bold and confident statements, the wristwatches can also be easily dressed-up when matched with sophisticated attire. Fossil watches encourage watch lovers from all over the globe to share their enjoyment for the simple pleasures in life, making time reading a pure joy and wearing them an absolute privilege.

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