Christmas Wishes 2014

Christmas Wishes at Chatsworth House!

Each year, an extreme amount of effort is put into creating an amazing jewellery event in the UK. C W Sellors began the event in 2008, and have created a tradition in jewellery by putting it on every year since. 

The theme changes each year, from 'The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe', to this year's 'Alice In Wonderland', no expense is spared when it comes to showcasing this fabulous jewellery.The event is held at the picture-perfect Chatsworth house in Derbyshire. The grandeur of the building, the beautiful scenery and the amazing view points are all reflected within a huge marquee, which C W Sellors put up next to the building each year.Inside the magnificent marquee lays a wonderland, this year especially, since that was the theme! Endless cabinets containing glittering jewellery can bring out the magpie in most of us.                                                                                                                      
 The brilliant displays allow other brands to showcase their jewellery too, offering a wide range of styles and a variety of different products. All of the brands that featured at the event are available to view here!

Hundreds of watches sit ticking in glistening glass, brands including Seiko, Ball, UBoat, Bretling many more. Customers flock from all over the country to purchase these one-off watches, browsing the products with a glass of champagne in hand. Check out the showcased watches online here! 

As well as promoting many well-known brands, Christmas wishes also supports many charities through the event. 
'Find A Diamond' - This supports the NSPCC. If you pay just £5.00, you can pick a diamond out of a sandy dessert and have it checked by a professional who can tell whether it's real! Some of the diamonds were just glass, but some were genuine! And all the proceedings go to a brilliant cause.

The 'Movember Moustache Watch' competition! - Supporting mens' health issues, including prostate and testicular cancer. All you had to do was buy a ticket for £10.00, and you could win Maurice Lacroix limited edition watch priced at £2,200, and is the ONLY one available in the UK. 

You can still enter this competition online! Click HERE to enter your details and be in with the chance of winning this fantastic watch! 

'The Roulette Table' - Everyone loves a thrill, and on entry to the event, each guest was presented with a chip. This chip allowed a FREE spin on the roulette table, with the chances of winning a £10.00 C W Sellors gift voucher. 

If once wasn't enough, guests could pay to play, and possibly win up to £500.00's worth of Gift Vouchers! All proceedings from the roulette table went to the Air Ambulance.



We had two VERY special guests make an appearance at the Christmas Wishes events. Olympic silver medalist Colin Jackson, who specialised in the 110 metre hurdles won his medal at the young age of 19. Colin went undefeated for a massive 12 years in the European championships, and was also a two-time commonwealth champion!

Paul Cummins also supported the event at Chatsworth house last week. Paul's ceramic art has become world-famous after he designed the amazing Tower of London poppy display which has touched the hearts of Britain. Having him with us for the memorial weekend made it that extra bit special!







There is definitely something for everyone at the Christmas Wishes event. Whilst parents admire the gorgeous jewellery, children are entertained by the amazing scenery. Alice in Wonderland was a brilliant choice, with chessboards, decks of cards, and bronze statues scattered throughout the building and two of the most beloved characters wandering the room and taking selfies, there was never a dull moment within the four walls of the marquee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            All selfies taken have been uploaded to the C W Sellors Facebook page, get all your friends to 'LIKE' them now and be in with the chance of winning £500.00 worth of Gift Vouchers! Click here to view the entries!

Don't miss out next year, look out for tickets going on sale and catch them early. With bigger themes, more props and a brand new theme, be sure to get involved!