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Treat yourself this Easter

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What are your plans for Easter this year? A day with the family, egg hunting perhaps? Egg rolling down your nearest hill? Or maybe you're just going to induce yourself into a chocolate coma and watch a film?

If you want to start your spring differently this year, why not take a look at our new collections online, and truly treat yourself to something that little bit more special than a chocolate egg! 

Online, W Hamond have been working hard to create some stunning jewellery for you to browse at your own leisure. With Spring on the way, we have uploaded a gorgeous range of Turquoise and Marcasite, which will entice any blue sky out!

The combination of the smooth shape of the Turquoise and the classic sparkle that Marcasite bring make an eye-catching unusual piece. The Turquoise can range from having green fragments to being the most brilliant blue. No two pieces are exactly the same so you can be sure that your jewellery is one of a kind! If you want your pendant to be a certain shade of Turquoise, then feel free to drop us an email to: info@whamond.com and we will try and match your request as best we can.

This particular Turquoise and Marcasite pendant is a show-stopping, flawless bright blue, perfect for the ever-nearing season of summer. The intricate design of Marcasite which frames the gem-stone give a very vintage and Victorian feel to the piece, and the simple oval shape of the Turquoise means that it's an easy pendant to match other items of jewellery with, and also comes with an 18" solid sterling silver chain. This pendant would be the perfect gift for someone special this Easter, or even a cheeky treat to yourself!



As you can see here, Turquoise can be a million different shades. This pear-shaped pendant highlights the green and brown veins that can be found running through the stone. These colours give the pendant an 'underwater feel', that could reflect the shallow waters of a tropical sea. What's not to like about that? The Marcasite on this particular pendant is located at the top of the stone, with a curvaceous streak holding the stone in place and creating a contemporary feel. To see our full range of Turquoise and Marcasite, just click here!

If you want to combine the striking spring blue colour of Turquoise, with the classic Easter-themed Crucifix, then this is the perfect pendant for you. The classic Marcasite stones create a delicate and intricate design on the cross, and frame the circular piece of Turquoise perfectly.

Because the gem-stone is circular, any simple Turquoise studs will match, but why not pair them up with some Marcasite studs for that extra touch of elegance?

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