Famous Whitby Fish And Chips


The Famous Magpie Cafe

When you think of Whitby, you might picture a quiet little seaside town, with cobbled streets and boats in and out of the harbour. You might think of the infamous Whitby Abbey, or the Whitby Whale bones on the West Cliff. Perhaps you remember the long stretches of beautiful beaches, or the picturesque pier ends, but you will be sure to remember the fish and chips.

Whitby has been famous for its delicious fish and chips for many years now, with claims that it has the best fish and chips in England - quite the statement! 

Whitby has over 17 fish and chip shops, all within walking distance of each other, which makes the decision of where to go ever the more difficult.

So I thought I would make it easier for you, and list a couple of recommended Fish and Chip shops in Whitby town. 

Hadley's Fish And Chip Restaurant.

So normally, when anybody comes to Whitby, they flock straight to The Magpie Cafe to sample Whitby's finest fish and chips. However, we can also recommend Hadley's restaurant. With an attractive restaurant front, and modern, spacious interior, you can walk straight into Hadley's and be seated instantly for some truly scrumptious dinner! 

Hadley's is located on the East side of Whitby, which is more commonly known as 'Old Whitby', on the corner of Bridge street. If you have exhausted yourself walking up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey, then follow the cobbles down and rest for lunch in this lovely little chippy.




Fusco's is located at the very beginning of one of the main shopping streets in Whitby - Baxtergate. Because of it's location, Fusco's can easily be missed, but that doesn't mean that it should be!  

When you emerge at the beginning of Baxtergate, you'll be met with the glory of Fuscos! A fabulous find for fish and chip lovers! This has always been a secret favourite fish and chip shop, especially to take away. Their crinkle cut chips are slightly different to any other chippy, and their curry sauce is divine! Once you have your chips, wander along the the harbour front and seat yourself in front of the beautiful view. 

The Railway Chippy!

Lastly, a tiny chip shop which is located just outside the town centre, but offers something that no other fish and chip shop does - Delivery. If you're staying in the centre, or on the outskirts, and are stuggling to concentrate on the TV 'cause your stomach is rumbling, all you have to do is give the Railway chippy (or Rippy to locals) a call, and within minutes they will bring sizzling fresh fish and chips straight to your door.

The price of fish and chips has certainly increased over the years, but at the Railway Chippy you can be sure that you're getting great value.

If you're visiting Whitby this winter then don't be left wondering where to sample Whitby's finest fish and chips, head to any of the above and you won't be disappointed!