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A Complete Guide to Messika Move Jewellery

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“A diamond is never more beautiful than when it is in motion.”

No diamond jewellery design defines Paris-based jeweller Messika more than their legendary Messika Move collection. Launched in 2007, the series was inspired by founder Valérie Messika’s childhood memories when she would watch her father play around with diamonds, often sliding them between his fingers. The moving gemstone and its exquisite sparkle is reinterpreted within each piece of Messika Move jewellery today.

Every sub-collection of Messika Move jewellery is completely different to the next, and yet they all have one thing in common. The diamonds placed at the centre, whether alone, in pairs, or most commonly, in triplets, are suspended between 18ct gold as if they are floating. Then, with each movement of the body, the diamonds gracefully slide up and down the gold, creating a sense of volume and fluidity. It’s a breathtaking innovation and captures the beauty of crisp white diamonds like nothing else. 

To help you navigate through the several families of Messika Move jewellery, here’s a brief breakdown of what each one represents and some of our favourite pieces within each collection. In the meantime, if you require any assistance shopping for Messika jewellery or you’d like to discuss the interest free finance and free next day delivery available, get in touch with the team at W Hamond. Call us on 01947 603330 or send us a message at info@whamond.com.

Messika Move Classic Jewellery

As its name suggests, the Messika Move Classic jewellery collection delivers a range of timeless and elegant pieces perfect for everyday wear. They are minimalistic when worn alone and yet can still easily dress up an outfit when layered together. The Messika Move Classic rings are a perfect example of this; they can be stacked across the fingers, and you can choose from designs with the iconic three moving diamonds at the centre or rings adorned with additional pave diamonds around the edge.

Messika Move Noa Jewellery

The Messika Move Noa jewellery collection bears the name of Valérie Messika’s second daughter and in reflection reinterprets sophisticated sensitivity with elegant gold ribbons adorned with three moving diamonds. Valérie describes them as odes to light, minimalistic and refined, and characterised by statement bands whether that be 18ct diamond bangles or thick banded rings. The Messika Move Noa bangles are a personal favourite of ours, especially those adorned with mesmerising pave diamonds.

Messika Move Uno Jewellery

For a chic and edgy approach, the Messika Move Uno jewellery collection features several statement chain designs as well as unique rings, bracelets and necklaces with oblong-shaped pendants. The discreet gold cages also house only one diamond which captures the light alone with is brilliant cut finish. These designs are distinctively edgy in their look offering styles like the Messika Move Uno cuff earrings, ankle bracelets, hand bracelets and chokers.

Messika Move Romane Jewellery

For the Messika Move Romane jewellery collection the bands are doubled for a real statement finish. From large hoop earrings with unique three-dimensional caging, long necklaces with double circle pendants and gold and diamond rings featuring up to four connected bands, these designs are structural masterpieces. You can choose from Messika Move Romane jewellery pieces in white, yellow or rose gold and yet again options with the three classic diamonds at the centre or additional diamond pave for extra sparkle.

Messika Move 10th Jewellery

Last but not least, the Messika Move 10th jewellery collection was launched back in 2017 to mark the release of the inaugural Move collection unveiled a decade prior. The stylings of this line pay tribute to the Maison’s signature collection by offering the famous suspended diamond design in even more extravagant stylings. From statement rings to diamond cuff bracelets, long necklaces to graphic earrings, the Messika Move 10th jewellery collection reinterprets the floating three diamonds at the centre of a range of 18ct gold designs, often oblong in shape and sometimes dressed with extra white pave diamonds.


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