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Amber Jewellery: This Year’s Autumn Trend

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It’s that time of year again when the leaves on the trees are turning orange, temperatures are dropping and all we want to do it get cosy in front of the fireplace with a hot chocolate in our hands! It’s also the perfect time to pair those cold-weather essentials with some fine Autumn-inspired jewellery and we think our stunning Baltic Amber jewellery collection is the perfect place to start.

Varying in its autumnal shades of bright orange, deep yellow and warm browns, the Amber gemstone is the perfect addition to your Autumn wardrobe. Its unusual markings and vibrant colours are formed from the hardened resin of ancient pine trees and as an organic substance often known for its incredible inclusions of insects, every piece of Baltic Amber is entirely unique. Hand made in our workshops in Whitby and in the beautiful surroundings of the Peak District, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, each piece of Amber jewellery is carefully designed, hand crafted and delivered to be a one of a kind piece.

Pictured above, our Sterling Silver Amber Round Tree of Life Necklace is a stunning example of our craftsmen and women’s talents. A gorgeous disc of Baltic Amber is set within a sterling silver frame overlaid with an intricate tree of life design. In ancient times, the Tree of Life was considered a symbol of immortality and the leaves were thought to have magical properties and elements that could heal the soul. With everything that has occurred this year, we can’t think of a better message to send making this Amber necklace an excellent choice as a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself.

Our adorable Sterling Silver Amber Hedgehog jewellery range combines everything we love about Autumn. The delicate silver hedgehog design is decorated with a wonderful Amber gemstone as its belly. The transparency of the stone allows for a beautiful glow to appear as light passes through the body of the hedgehog, not only creating an unmissable look on the body but bringing a warmth to your complexion perfectly suited to the Autumn months. We also offer some of our Amber Hedgehog jewellery designs in 9 carat yellow gold and with unique green Amber stone.

Since the warm tones of Amber pair so perfectly with yellow gold, it was a no-brainer to combine the two in our incredible House Style jewellery collection. Inspired by Deborah, the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire's own insect jewellery collection, given to her by Andrew, the 11th Duke, the 18ct Yellow Gold Pearl Diamond Moth Necklace above is the embodiment of autumnal luxury. Fashioned from the finest 18 carat yellow gold and embellished with a large lustrous South Sea pearl and sparkling Diamonds it’s a truly breathtaking piece up close. The wings are enamelled in the Plique-a-Jour style and finished with two tear-drop shaped Amber gemstones.

You can shop an extensive range of stunning Amber jewellery on the W Hamond website here or get in touch with the team on 01947 603330 or at info@whamond.com.