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Chimento Forever Rings

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Announced just in time to make it onto our Christmas lists, Chimento have unveiled their mesmerising new Chimento Forever collection featuring a revolutionary technology that guarantees a perfect fit every time. Available in a variety of designs and precious metals, these stunning designer diamond rings are deserving of all our fingers this festive season.

Shopping for rings as a Christmas gift, or any gift in general, can be difficult when you don’t know the recipient’s sizing. While at W Hamond, we have implemented a huge variety of tricks to help you find out their ring size, Chimento have taken things one step further by utilising their exclusive Chimento Size-Fit patent into their Chimento Forever ring collections. This avant-garde technique allows the 18 carat gold band to adapt to the circumference of the finger, extending by up to five sizes.

The beauty of the Chimento Forever rings lies not only in its adaptability, but the breathtaking creativity and artistry that goes into its design. In all the four Forever collections, the rings are available in a choice of 18 carat yellow gold, rose gold and white gold and are beautifully decorated in a unique array of white diamonds. Each design, whether it be the Chimento Forever Unico or the Chimento Forever Essenza, stands out with a strong and decisive character and a wonderfully flexible design that can be worn on any finger of your hand!

Chimento Forever Brio Rings

Described as the playful, fun and mischievous family of the Forever range, the Chimento Forever Brio rings are made up of small white diamond polka dots, positioned at irregular distances and set on a selection of 18 carat rose gold, white gold, yellow gold bands in various heights. The 5mm bands are a favourite of ours, offering a minimalist yet eye-catching look that can easily be stacked for those with a rebellious personality. These pieces also come with the option of satin finishing for an urban-inspired, textured finish.

Chimento Forever Essenza Rings

A classic and timeless design recalling the pure and essential lines of past contemporary jewellery, the Chimento Forever Essenza rings bear sinuous line of natural diamonds across the entire surface. The flow of diamonds across the metal gives them a subtle movement and energy, encapsulated within a choice of bands measuring to 9mm or 12mm. The 9mm bands are decorated in a total of 0.77ct white diamonds while the 12mm provide an additional element of sparkle with a total of 1.02ct white diamonds.

Chimento Forever Luce Rings

Designed for the modern-day woman that embodies creativity, positivity and impulsiveness, the Chimento Forever Luce rings feature a uniquely engineered ‘burst’ design made up of brilliant white diamonds. Once again, available in a choice of 18 carat yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, these designer bands come in two sizes of 9mm and 12mm with 0.28ct white diamonds decorating the 9mm rings and 0.30ct diamonds splashing across the 12mm variants.

Chimento Forever Unico Rings

The most unique of all, the Chimento Forever Unico ring collection is described as being your own “personal and inimitable jewel, a jewel that speaks to you”. These completely bespoke diamond rings can be customised entirely to you, your personality and style with the colour, finish and design left for you to decide. Perfect as a gift, these rings can be decorated with an external text made in letters with white diamonds or even an external or internal engraving to memorialise a date or quote. Since these customisable rings are completely bespoke to you, you can only order them by getting in touch with the W Hamond team on 01947 603330 or by sending us a message at info@whamond.com