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Marathon Training Watches

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Staying motivated during marathon training is not easy, whether you’re a beginner forcing yourself through those early stage runs or an elite runner struggling to push yourself to the next level. So how do professionals do it? How do pro runners manage to tackle all those hours and days of training and know exactly when to take a rest day and when to push through? The answer: they wear a marathon training smartwatch. 

It may sound like an overly simplified solution but wearing a fitness watch can have major benefits to your performance on the road. Like your own personal trainer strapped to your wrist, marathon training watches can measure almost everything about your workout and daily routine so you can achieve a better understanding of what exactly affects your performance. From monitoring your heart rate to your blood oxygen levels, your different stages of sleep, hydration levels, overall mileage, running pace and breathing, there really is no reason not to put your trust in a running smartwatch

Benefits to Wearing a Marathon Training Watch 

There are hundreds of benefits to wearing a marathon running watch, but today we wanted to explore some of the key advantages in the hopes we can convince you to finally treat yourself to your own! For many runners, one of the most frustrating parts of a workout is having your keys and phone constantly moving around in your pockets while you run. With a running smartwatch, you can keep yourself distraction and phone-free, since many are fully equipped with smart notifications so you can receive and read texts, emails and alerts straight from your wrist. 

Another difficulty many runners face is knowing when they should be training and when they should allow their body to rest. Many marathon training watches, particularly those in Garmin’s iconic collections, are equipped with something called a Body Battery Energy monitor. This fantastic technology uses a combination of heart rate variability, stress and activity to estimate a user’s energy reserves throughout the day. It then gives you suggestions on whether you have enough energy to push on with training or whether your body is ready for a rest. 

Getting a better understanding of your sleep, stress and hydration levels can also largely impact your ability to perform well. Many modern-day fitness smartwatches come with sleep tracking as standard so you can monitor who well you slept the night before including analysis of different sleep cycles. Hydration tracking also allows you to keep on top of how much fluids you have consumed during the day, an essential feature for anyone training for long periods of time. 

Plenty of marathon training watches also come equipped with GPS functionality, something which can have a wide range of benefits for your workouts. One of the key benefits to owning a GPS running watch is that it can find the best running routes in your area with integrated maps and popularity routing. This means you can not only find new routes to run, giving you more motivation to keep going, but you can feel safe you won’t get lost with turn-by-turn directions straight on your wrist. 

Smartwatch legends Garmin have recently welcomed an entirely new feature to many of their new running watches called the Pace Pro. This incredible technology has become an essential tool for runner of all kinds who need that extra kick for pushing them to beat their personal best. The Pace Pro function offers pace guidance on your watch and helps you stay on track during training. It analyses elevation changes and informs you when you need to increase or decrease your pace along the course for your best overall performance.

Our Top Picks 

We could keep on listing all the amazing benefits that smartwatches can have on your marathon training, but instead, let us help you find some of the best marathon running watches currently on the market. 

Garmin MARQ Athlete 

One of our top picks is the Garmin MARQ Athlete considered one of the most luxurious and high-performance running watches from Garmin. The watch retails at £1,399 so is a little more on the pricey side but it’s long list of specs and features certainly makes up for this. The advanced training metrics include running dynamics, heat and altitude adjusted VO2 max, recovery advisor and more while the integrated maps and Trendline popularity routing make finding your next running route even easier. This watch also comes with Garmin’s Pace Pro feature alongside a Body Battery Energy monitor, GPS function, smart notifications, sleep tracking, hydration tracking and much more. 

Garmin Fenix 6 

The Garmin Fenix 6 is another no-brainer, more affordable than the Garmin MARQ Athlete but still providing an exceptional selection of marathon running features. The Garmin Fenix 6 is available in a wide range of sizes and designs including a Solar edition which provides up to an additional 16 days of battery life. Some of its targeted features for runners include the PacePro feature, a wrist based heart rate monitor, Pulse Ox sensor, advanced performance metrics and multi GNSS support. You can also get a fantastic selection of preloaded activity profiles with many targeted towards different styles of running including road running, trail running and treadmill running. 

If you require any assistance looking for your ideal marathon training watch, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at W Hamond. Our talented team of smartwatch specialists can assist you in finding your dream fitness smartwatch and advise on the fantastic interest free finance options and free next day delivery available.