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What is Natural Baltic Amber

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Amber is made from the fossilised resin secreted predominantly from coniferous trees growing in vast rainforests approximately 40 million years ago.

It is mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere and has been associated with the Baltic Sea for centuries, its primary source being the sandy beaches around Poland where it is washed up and collected by ‘amber fishermen’. Amber is mainly known for its stunning, golden, autumnal tones which have an unequalled diversity of colour. It also exists in green shades, and deep, cherry reds, while bluish pieces can be found from the Dominican Republic. However, today’s most admired shade is that of opaque, milky- white amber. When working the precious material, a craftsman’s first job is to remove the orangey-brown skin on the gems surface, this will reveal a colour underneath ranging from pure white to a buttery hue.

This is the gemstone in its completely natural form, free from any treatments or enhancements. Warming the stone or subjecting it to bright light will cause the amber to transform into more orangey shades, and if exposed for long enough it will eventually turn red or brown.

Owning the natural amber is made that much more special because it is nature’s guarantee of a completely natural, organic gemstone.

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