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Get to Know QLOCKTWO Watches

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No hands. No numbers. Just words. Meet the impressive brand QLOCKTWO who like to read the time a little differently to most.  

Designed in 2009 by Marco Bieget and Andreas Funk in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, QLOCKTWO stand outs as a unique interpretation of watchmaking. Contemporary, stylish and innovative, the brand has won countless awards for their artistic approach. Finding an alternative to the familiar hands and numbers, QLOCKTWO displays the time in words offering over 20 languages in total.  

With a signature square shape, the wristwatches and clocks are admired for their beautiful, original and calm design that are available in an array of colours, materials and combinations. Masters of their craft, each is handmade in Germany guaranteeing exceptional standards every time.



A talking point that never dominates the room, the QLOCKTWO Classic is a modern clock for your home. Mount to any wall or position on a flat surface for an artistic touch to any room. Easy to use, the designers have thought of everything. Alter the lighting, trigger the seconds mode and set the time using your phone. Choose the size (45x45cm or 90x90cm) and colour that fits your space perfectly and let the clock do the talking. 



The perfect desk or bedside companion, the QLOCKTWO Touch fits in around the office and at home. Featuring an alarm function, an option for snooze mode, a seconds display, a light sensor, smartphone connectivity to set the time and Night-Touch mode, the design is made to wake you up in the morning without disturbing your sleep at night. Again, simply choose a colour that suits your style and enjoy!



A watch that compliments all your sartorial choices, the modern, stylish design is easy to use on your wrist. Available in two sizes, 35x35mm or 39x39mm, there are many different variations to choose from. You’ll find a button on the right side of the square case; press once for the time, twice for the date and three times for the seconds. If you would like to find out how much energy is left press once followed by a second time for approximately five seconds.