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Royalty Inspired Clogau Jewellery

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For as long as we can remember, Clogau jewellery has become some of the most sought after of its kind offering an incredible range of necklaces, rings, bracelets, charms and earrings that are designed to become precious heirlooms and sentimental everyday accessories. Alongside their remarkable offerings of jewellery, Clogau have a special connection to royalty since the rare Clogau Welsh gold is also used within many of the wedding rings worn by the British Royal Family including Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, Princess Anna, Diana Princess of Wales and most recently Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex.

With such a fascinating history and connection to the Royal family, it makes perfect sense that Clogau offer a stunning selection of royalty inspired jewellery alongside their classic collections. From stunning necklaces designed after heirlooms worn by kings and queens to unique rings crafted in association with Historic Royal Palaces, the Welsh jewellery brand has something to offer everybody. So, whether you’re a princess in the making or the queen of your household, treat yourself to some of our favourite royalty inspired Clogau jewellery pieces listed below. Many of these Clogau collections are also available with interest free finance and free next day delivery, simply get in touch with our team on 01947 60330 or at info@whamond.com for any assistance.

Clogau Signature Button Jewellery

Inspired by the Regalia worn by Prince Edward VIII, the Prince of Wales during his Investiture at Caernarfon Castle in 1911, this beautiful collection of Clogau Signature Button jewellery features Welsh gold on a unique button design. The buttons are available as earrings, rings, cufflinks or necklaces and since they were believed to have been finished with Welsh Gold on the real Regalia, it seemed only right to pair these intricate pieces with the same rare material.

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Clogau Kensington Love Story Jewellery

One of our all-time favourite Clogau collections, the Kensington Love Story range is inspired by the sapphire brooch gifted to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert on the day before their marriage. To mimic the stunning blue shades of sapphire, the collection features London Blue Topaz alongside white topaz and Welsh rose gold detailing.

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Clogau Welsh Royalty Jewellery

An expansive but breathtaking collection, Clogau Welsh Royalty jewellery recognises some of the most celebrated members of Wales’ vibrant history with the inclusion of an intricate weave design. In ancient times, jewellery adorned with this pattern were believed to bring longevity and luck to new endeavours and have long been seen on many of the Royals jewellery adornments.

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 Clogau Tudor Rose Jewellery

The Tudor Rose is an iconic emblem of England and takes its name and origins from the Tudor dynasty. The stunning Clogau Tudor Rose jewellery collection commemorates Henry VII when he adopted the rose badge on his marriage when joining the white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster. The rose is captured within stunning rings, necklaces and bracelets in sublime pink opal, sparkling diamonds, and rare Welsh gold.

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Clogau Kensington Palace Jewellery

Intricate, elegant and captivating, the Clogau Kensington Palace jewellery collection takes its inspiration from the enchanting gates of Kensington palace. The mesmerising shapes and contours seen within the Clogau Kensington jewellery has been carefully designed to recreate the sense of majesty and wonder one gets when staring up at the gates in person, once again paired with 9ct rose Welsh gold.

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Clogau Debutante Feather Jewellery

Revealing a touch of mystery and a whole lot of sophistication, the Clogau Debutante Feather jewellery collection is inspired by the extravagant garments adorned in ostrich feathers worn by debutantes and royals during fashionable debutantes. The first debutante season took place in 1780 when King George III held a ball for his wife's birthday and for over 150 years, the prestigious Queen Charlotte's ball has taken place at the opening of the season. The Clogau Debutante Feather rings and necklaces perfectly capture the glamour and appeal of these events.

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